IPM Project Management Software for Construction powered by Microsoft Dynamics with a native interface of Microsoft Outlook.

Manage your projects within Microsoft Outlook.

Centralised project visibility
High adoption rate due to the extension of Microsoft Outlook
Customisable and flexible to meet the clients business practices
Seamless integration to back end financials

IPM Project Management Software was developed to meet the needs and requirements of Project Managers & Construction staff and to operate how they already think!

IPM is a next generation Project Management Software suite that provides a scalable solution with all the functionality needed to meet the requirements of today’s busy project manager.

Presented through Microsoft Outlook and seamlessly integrating mail and calendar services with day to day operations, IPM puts project management squarely where project staff spend most of their time.

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Construction Project Management Software
08-Aug-2014 | Is your project management software the sharpest tool in the shed?
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"Because the environment is familiar, it’s easier for their staff to actually start using it, since they’re already using Outlook. That’s half the battle." ~ Miree Le Roy, Director, IPM Global, ipmglobal.net