Contract Control


Working within Microsoft Outlook®, the RFQ process is made much simpler with the ability to easily create, store and send a personalized RFQ to each vendor. Without leaving the RFQ screen, you can then evaluate each vendor according to desired criteria and IPM will generate a score to assist with the selection process.

Once quotes are received from vendors, you can update the RFQ details and with the click of a mouse create a Subcontract, Purchase Order or Subcontract Change Order for the winning vendor from within the RFQ screen. Winning bid information can also be automatically updated to the job budget.

  • Evaluate new vendors using the RFQ criteria view and ensure the best fit for your projects.
  • Use IPM RFQ to keep track of your vendors and check their previous jobs and how you rated their work.
  • Within the RFQ you can create new Subcontract, Purchase Order or Subcontract Variations from the same screen.
  • Use Workflows to update job budgets when quotes have been accepted.
Project Management Software - RFQ
RFQ Evaluation criteria
The overall scope of the RFQ or Trade Package is detailed on the RFQ Header. The RFQ can be linked to a spec section for reporting
Use the tender evaluation function to assign important information regarding the quality of work required, cost weighting and required completion dates