Tracy Brunstrom & Hammond - IPM Project Management Case Study


Independent project managers Tracy Brunstrom & Hammond (TBH) sought greater efficiency in the way they managed documentation and correspondence across hundreds of projects. They wanted to standardise the way documents were produced and processed to improve compliance, while also creating the ability for directors to conduct comprehensive project reviews without having to go on-site.

Microsoft partner Enabling introduced TBH to a project management application called IPM Project Management . Built on Microsoft’s flexible business software, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, this out-of-the-box product adapts Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s standard funtionality to specific project-related elements and processes, creating a comprehensive project management tool.

Documentation is standardised with the help of specially designed templates, while integration with Microsoft Exchange Server means emails can be tagged to projects and correspondance easily tracked. Standard workflow procedures are automated, with alerts sent to staff whenever specific issues or documents require action.

As a result, project delivery is already more efficient. Clients know what to look out for when they receive a document and contractual wording is reliable, making for better service and compliance. Project risk is also reduced, partly because directors can review every element of a project’s progress from their head offices. Slippages are now easier to uncover and client expectations easier to manage.

To read the full case study click here to visit the Microsoft Case Studies web page or download the PDF

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