Ryvit and IPM Global Announce Partnership to Streamline the Project Management Process by Integrating with Top Accounting and ERP Systems


ST. LOUIS – November 12, 2015 – Ryvit (http://www.ryvit.com) and IPM Global, Ltd. (www.ipmglobal.net) today announced the addition of IPM™ to Ryvit’s iPaaS+™ platform economy of complementary software solutions. The integrations streamline exchanges between IPM Global’s project management software and the ERP and accounting systems used by the Construction Industry.

As part of the Ryvit iPaaS+™ platform, IPM™ will directly extend its integration offerings to include connection to more accounting systems like QuickBooks™ and Viewpoint™ allowing construction companies to quickly optimize job costing and time workflows from the project managers and jobsite to the back-office. Users will increase productivity and reduce data errors leading to better business intelligence and decision making.

IPM™ is a comprehensive Project Management Tool built on the Microsoft Dynamics XRM Development framework and integrates seamlessly to a variety of back office ERP Solutions. IPM Global Directors have worked in the construction and project management related industries for over 20 years. “In that time we have sold, supported and developed applications in the micro-verticals of this industry group and understand the IT challenges facing the industry.

“While there is a reasonable choice of software applications available for the Project Management industry, the truth of the matter is that many of them are either built on very old technology, difficult to use or disconnected (that is project office from back office). Our view is that it’s about time the Industry was offered a full end to end solution on a current platform, that project staff actually WANT to use and allows them to work in an environment they know well,” Miree LeRoy, President IPM Global.

Software has dominated the world of business for many years now. It’s become such an integral part of the business world that 2014 saw a number of high-profile CEOs and notable industry analysts proclaim “every business is in the software business.”

It means that business systems and corporate data management is no longer just an IT problem, but squarely on the list of top priorities for executive teams. In fact, a recent Forrester Research Report even argues that corporate software assets will be more valuable to the business than financials. Software innovation and efficiencies are the greatest opportunities for financial gains.

For software vendors this is great news- your services are more valuable to your customers than ever before – but it is also a call to action.

Businesses can no longer survive with software operating in a silo. They need their business systems to communicate across the enterprise and deliver meaningful insights to a variety of stakeholders. Unfortunately, finding a consistent cost-effective way to give business users access from any device and through one interface to critical data spread across cloud applications and on premise systems is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today.

The solution today for application vendors is iPaaS, Integration Platform as a Service. Ryvit delivers modern integration for software vendors with an iPaaS+™ ecosystem of integrations and applications. Ryvit is not an SDK or toolkit. Ryvit develops and maintains integrations, taking the burden off the end-users and the software application companies.

“It is my pleasure to announce that IPM Global’s project management application, IPM™, now integrates with QuickBooks™ and Viewpoint. IPM™ is known for their strength in the construction and engineering industries, and this partnership offers strong support for our business,” said Miree LeRoy, President of IPM Global Pty Ltd.

“Ryvit’s iPaaS+™ approach to integration for the construction industry advocates open and connected systems throughout the enterprise based on the preferences of the end user organization. There is a demand from users to be able to access, update and change data from their application of choice from any device. That extends to integrations with other construction applications and point solutions on the desktop and in the field as we and our partners look to streamline the overall process of product development and lifecycle management,” said Tom Stemm, Ryvit CEO.

Have questions on the release or want information about the Ryvit integration partner platform?

Ryvit Sales Channel Leader
Maureen O’Neill

To contact IPM directly:

IPM Global USA: +1 720 575 6072
Robin Harris

IPM Global AUS: +61 3106 3160
Miree Le Roy

Email: info@ipmglobal.net
Website: www.ipmglobal.net

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