5 benefits of construction project management software for your business

Miree Le Roy - Thursday, September 06, 2012

When it comes to investing in new project management software for your engineering, construction or architecture company, you want to know exactly what benefits it will bring to your business. That’s why I’ve put together 5 ways IPM project management software will benefit your business:

1. IPM is powered by Microsoft Dynamics

IPM operates within the Microsoft Dynamics framework, which means your business gets all the functionality of a CRM system. Because of this, IPM can access accounting data and CRM contact and company information to support and enhance project management features. Users can also operate IPM within Microsoft Outlook, an already familiar environment, which means you have higher user adoption rates and spend less time and money on training.

2. You can customize IPM to meet your specific business requirementsThe Microsoft platform also means that, unlike traditional 'out of the box' solutions, you can customize screens, dashboards, field labels, reports and workflows to suit your individual business needs. This also gives you lower ownership costs as you can perform customizations and create workflows without the need for external consultants.

3. IPM has extensive reporting abilities

Our reporting tools can give you all the information you really need, as IPM was developed with an understanding of both the construction industry and its accounting processes. Unlike other project management solutions, IPM can report on costs as well as document control.

4. You can integrate IPM with your ERP system

If you’ve been searching for construction accounting software, you’ll know that the construction and project-related industries have unique ERP requirements that are often not met by standard ERP solutions. With IPM, you get the best of both worlds by integrating your project management system with your accounting system. This means IPM can manage the areas the ERP system can’t, but the information is still integrated to give one version of the truth.

5. You can access your information from anywhere

The nature of both project management and our lives these days mean people need access to data in an increasing number of places and situations. IPM allows users to access their data anytime, anywhere, and on the device they choose. Strong offline capabilities have also been built in to IPM allowing access to remote and difficult worksites.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits IPM could bring to your business, please feel free to contact us for a free demo.

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