The Workflow Series – Converting Change Requests to Change Orders

Miree Le Roy - Friday, February 25, 2011

Lately, we’ve been looking at how workflows can make the process of managing changes to the project specifications a little easier, and this post follows on from that in helping you convert change requests into change orders.

This workflow will probably suit those of you in the Electrical and Civil industries a little better, but of course any IPM user can create it if it suits their needs.

We know that changes and variations are often inevitable in projects, and they are a process to be managed to ensure everything is initiated, actioned and approved quickly to keep the project running smoothly. So we wanted to show you a simple workflow that can make that process a little easier.

Once you know about a potential change or variation to the specifications of the Job, no doubt you would go into IPM and enter a Change Request and send it off for approval. Well the sample workflow we created monitors that Change Request document, and when it is approved, the workflow then automatically creates a Change Order document. This saves you having to manually go in and enter details of the Change Order. Not only that, it can also create a contract item in the head contract to ensure the Change Order does not get missed during the billing process. Of course, this is just an example of how workflows can help automate the Change Request to Change Order process, so you can choose to add extra steps, or not include certain steps according to your own business processes.

As changes can affect different areas of the project, check out another post in the Workflow Series that can help you create a Subcontract Change Order from a Change Request.

Note: for simplicity, I refer only to Change Requests and Change Orders in this post, but please note these are referred to as Variation Requests and Variations in countries outside the USA.

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