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IPM Global : A Practical Approach to Choosing a Construction Industry Integrated Solution

We know how important it is to have good information before making smart decisions. What’s more, we’re confident that the more you know about the benefits of a fully integrated vertical market solution the more likely you are to seriously consider – and ultimately choose – IPM Global’s suggested solutions. In other words, we believe our solution is built for the construction industry.

We, at IPM Global, hope you enjoy reading our insight into choosing the right integrated solution for the construction industry.

Six Best Practices for Construction Software Selection

“Source: CFMA Building Profits, Construction Financial Management Association, Princeton, NJ (www.cfma.org).”

When selected wisely, construction IT has the potential to be a 10-year (or longer) investment. Yet, a minor functionality issue, like the need to create better certified payroll reports, often drives the desire for change. This approach can prevent you and your company from achieving the full benefits of an new system. But, if you analyze your company’s internal processes before you begin to review construction accounting software, not only will you understand your needs as a financial manager in more detail, but you will also understand how to improve profitability across all departments.

Software Implementation Best Practices

“Source: CFMA Building Profits, Construction Financial Management Association, Princeton, NJ (www.cfma.org).”

In these trying times, software vendors and consultants like us are watching evaluation and implementation trends for new systems with keen interest – after all, it’s our livelihood. Those of us who have been in the industry for decades have noted some meaningful patterns:

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