IPM Project Management has a unique environment for managing the day to day operations of project staff. Presented through Outlook, but managed in a MS.SQL database, IPM is able to create, store and track all project communications, RFI’s, drawings and revisions, meeting minutes, change requests, subcontracts and purchase orders to provide a simple but sophisticated project management toolset.

Developed within current Microsoft technology, the IPM range provides users with a user interface that is familiar and easy to use. Operating from within Outlook © and with the ability to seamlessly integrate into Microsoft and other ERP applications, we believe that IPM provides a software solution that understands the needs and habits of today’s project management team.

We Believe that Project Management Software should be easy to use.

We Believe that Software should be flexible, and customisable by the end user to meet their unique requirements.  Other products say they are flexible and can be customized but it has to be done by a programmer. 

We Believe that the Project Manager needs to be able to easily and effectively manage many modes of communication.

We Believe that Project Managers deserve to be able to work with current technology.

We Believe that Many business processes create other business processes.

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Why IPM is different

  • Easy access to information due to the simple navigation methodology
  • Lower cost of implementation due to IPM's minimal setup requirements.
  • Reduced training costs due to the design of the application from a project management perspective instead of an accounting perspective.

Why the Microsoft Outlook interface?

  • High Adoption Rate by users because it is seen as an extension of outlook and they already know how to use that
  • Lower training costs due to the familiarity of the environment
  • Improved documentation flow because of integration between the documents themselves and the email environment

Why Microsoft Dynamics® environment

  • Improved communications history around the project documents as a result of the automatic filing process
  • Lower cost of ownership resulting from simple processes to customise screens and workflows without external consultants - use your own terminology
  • Lower cost of ownership resulting from simple report and dashboard designer tools reducing the need for external consultants.


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