Contract Control – Progress Billing


Due to the complexity of Progress Billing most companies have in the past used spread sheets to manage this process.  IPM changes this by making the progress billing process simple time efficient and accurate and allows you to link any expenses, purchases and payments to the quote.

With IPM there is no need to worry if you have properly calculated the right invoice amount because it is automatically generated based on the completion percentage that has been entered. Submitting progress billing using IPM takes the stress out of managing your projects and ensures that you get paid the right amount and on time.


Key Features:

  • Progress billing feature gives IPM users the ability to generate an invoice from quotes based on  percentage of work completed.
  • Use the IPM Progress Billing automation to ensure that invoices are created using accurate project data.
  • Avoid rejected payment applications due to incorrect billing

As well as displaying the data in an easy to follow visual format, the user can add, change and manage jobs from the display screen.