Core Features


IPM is powered by the Microsoft Dynamics® environment. This ensures the application can access people and company data to support and enhance project management features. Through this integration, IPM provides full CRM functionality, using contact information to support the document and contract control process.

Instead of relying on disparate systems, IPM lets you operate within a single program framework, promoting ease of use and efficiency, as well as reducing errors from double-entry. Microsoft Dynamics® adds the tools you need to track activity with subcontractors, business partners and prospects, and helps to provide a 360-degree view of all interactions within a single solution


  • Improved communication history around the project documents as a result of the automatic filing process.
  • Lower cost of ownership resulting from simple processes to create workflows without external consultants.
  • Lower cost of ownership resulting from simple report designer tools reducing the need for external consultants.
  • Better access to data due to Microsoft Dynamics’s® range of deployment options including a detached option for disconnected sites.