Document Control – Meeting Minutes


IPM Meeting Minutes lets you record, distribute, and manage meeting items and action items quickly and easily. Set a reminder to appear in all attendees’ Office 365® calendar and once meeting items are entered and attendees selected, a single mouse click can generate a PDF of the minutes that can be sent to all attendees via Office 365®.The PDF is automatically stored in document history, letting you search and retrieve previous meeting minutes whenever they are needed.

IPM also allows the creation of a series of Meeting Minutes, which automatically updates items that are resolved and transfers outstanding items to a new meeting.

Key Features:

  • Meeting and action items are easy to record, distribute, and manage to ensure the accountability of every meeting, no matter how big or small
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to generate and send Meeting minutes in PDF format all from the same location.
  • Meeting items that not completed will automatically be transferred to the next meeting to ensure nothing is forgotten.
IPM keeps meeting items from getting overlooked & allows reminder follow-up automation