Document Control – Transmittals


IPM takes Transmittals into today’s business environment with an increased focus on customization and professional presentation. Every data field within the Transmittal form can be personalized to suit the specific needs and requirements of any business.
IPM also uses the latest Microsoft graphical standards to ensure that every Transmittal appears professional and is familiar to Office 365® users. The Transmittal log automatically stores every Transmittal created for the Job to give you quick information retrieval in the event of a dispute or claim. As with Submittals, both individual and system-wide workflows can be created by authorized users to facilitate follow-up processes.

Key Features:

  • Create customized and professional standard Transmittals that use the latest Microsoft Office graphical standards.
  • Quick access to every transmittal created for each job using the IPM transmittal Log.
  • All Transmittals are automatic filed to verify your actions in the event of a dispute or claim.

Transmittals are optional however if used then all communications will be tracked sequentially by job throughout IPM