About IPM Global

Who we are:
IPM Global is a Construction Management software development company that specialises in developing current platform business software for the project related industries.

What we do:
IPM Global develops software built on the Microsoft PowerApps development environment and delivers it to the marketplace via Certified IPM Partners.

What we provide:
A fully integrated Construction/Project Management Tool built on the Microsoft PowerApps framework and integrates seamlessly to a variety of back office ERP Solutions.  This solution is delivered regionally by our Partners.

The IPM Global Team:

IPM Global Directors have worked in the construction and project management related industries for over 30 years. In that time we have sold, supported and developed applications in the micro-verticals of this industry group and understand the IT challenges facing the industry.

Whilst there is a reasonable choice of software applications available for the Construction/Project Management industry, the truth of the matter is that many of them are either built on very old technology, difficult to use or disconnected (i.e. that is project office from back office).

Our view is that it’s about time the Industry was offered a full end to end solution on a current platform, that project staff actually WANT to use and allows them to work in an environment they know well.

We believe we have delivered on this ideal. – The IPM Global team

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