Document Control – Drawing Register


The IPM drawing register lets you attach, edit and send multiple drawings and revisions from a single screen. Integration with Office 365® means that you can manage the drawing register without having to change applications – or even change screens. IPM has a built-in document tracking system that lets you view the status, history and version of every drawing.

Users can view current and superseded versions of each drawing, as well as the drawing register communication log, which displays when each drawing version was received. Individual and system-wide workflows can be created by users to facilitate follow-up processes as each drawing moves through its lifecycle.

Key Features:

  • Built-in document tracking gives you the ability to view the status, history and version of every drawing that has been submitted.
  • Attach edit and email drawings all from the same screen thanks to IPM’s Microsoft Outlook® integration.
  • Create workflows for each drawing to make sure the correct follow-up procedure is completed and the drawing is moved through its lifecycle.

IPM maintains a central repository of all drawings (& revisions) by project. If you need collaboration these can be accessed via Microsoft SharePoint®