Contract Control – Jobs


The IPM Jobs setup screen allows the creation of the parameters for the project. From the basic address and contact information to details about insurances and bank guarantees can all be maintained in this area. The original budget for the Job is recorded here either manually or imported from an Excel spread sheet.

The approach of importing from an Excel spread sheet uses a unique process that allows IPM to upload easily from most estimating applications.


Key Features:

  • Contracts or Price Schedules can be maintained in this area.
  • Import Contracts or Price Schedules from Excel spread sheet.
  • Job Contacts, Change Order Mark-ups and the evaluation criteria for RFQs are all accessed from the Job Setup screen.
  • Link information regarding insurances details and bank guarantees which can be access from the Jobs Screen.

Contracts or Price Schedules are also maintained in this area and like the original budget, these can be imported from excel spread sheets.