Specialty Contractors

Construction Management for Specialty Contractors.

Subcontractors have unique needs in their roles on the project team. IPM Global has been in the construction industry working with electrical, mechanical, landscaping, concrete and pretty much every other type of specialty firm for over 25 years designing software to meet their specific requirements.

Managing resources.
Your money is made on how well you utilize your labor, equipment and materials. Unforeseen delays, breakdowns or non-deliveries can eat into your thin margins. IPM offers tools to assess where you stand compared to your budget and to be able to easily forecast what’s needed to complete the job.

Real time updating
Keeping up with what’s happening means you need information to be entered daily. In most systems this is impossible because it’s too cumbersome. IPM’s carefully designed timesheets are easy to use and are easily recreated for next day entries. Tracking and receiving materials is a very simple process and can be customized for how your company works.

Get more out of your mobile device
Smartphones and tablets offer tremendous potential as tools for capturing information. Unfortunately screen size is limited and not conducive to ease of entry. With IPM’s mobility solution you can select what fields you want to appear. Issues, Risks, RFI’s, Material receipts, etc. can each display those fields that are most important.

Change is constant.
Changes on the job are a fact of life. For a subcontractor they can be an opportunity. Maybe it’s a design error or maybe the owner wants to change a detail to the original plan. IPM’s ability to efficiently handle the change process including an RFQ and the billing assures you will never miss the revenue you’ve earned

IPM Mobility