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IPM Construction Management Software for Construction and Engineering powered by Microsoft PowerApps with a native interface of Office 365.


Construction Management Software should be easy to use

Support the latest technology

Flexible and customisable to meet unique requirements

Adaptable and sustainable for
future growth


Contract Control

IPM makes Contract Management easy with better access to project data, quick links to contract information and a streamlined…

Document Control

IPM ensures that every Submittal sent and every response received is accountable and accessible from within the Submittal record…

Resource Management

Depending on the type of projects being managed in IPM, there may be a need to record resource usage. Resources can be…

Planning & Forecasting

The Job Tasks Progress view is a powerful scheduling tool that creates a dynamic visual representation of every job within…

IPM Link

IPM is designed to operate as a standalone Construction Management solution within Microsoft PowerApps®…

IPM Mobility

IPM Mobility takes IPM Construction Management software to field personnel by allowing IPM to be run on the most…

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What People Say

“IPM Is the perfect solution. Its core features provides the functionality we need, yet its flexibility allows us to build workflows or otherwise adapt it to our specific business needs.”

Linda Gonzales, VP of Information Technology at The Opus Group