Mobile Application


IPM Mobility takes IPM Construction Management software to field personnel by allowing IPM to be run on the most popular mobile devices on the market today – iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

IPM Mobility is a cloud based solution that gives you the option to mobilise any IPM function and customise screens to be designed around a user’s profile. For the greatest flexibility, create multiple user profiles and can give certain team members access to specific IPM functions depending on their work requirements. Access to IPM Mobility is also easily customisable so you can give more or less access to team members later on if their jobs or requirements change.

Mobilise site diaries and daily reports so employees on site can update site information, delivery details, job progress, change requests and orders, incidents and weather all from their iPad, iPhone, Android or Blackberry. You can also give site personnel access to RFIs, risks, issues and any other function IPM offers. The information entered into the app is integrated with the main IPM database, so everyone on the team is working from the same page.

  • Run IPM on iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone
  • Customise user profiles to give each team member mobile access to what they need
  • Mobilise any IPM function