Why IPM?

IPM Construction Management is simply the most comprehensive and flexible construction management product on the market today. Built on Microsoft Dynamics PowerApps, IPM is an out of the box customisable Saas (software as a service) solution that works natively with all the Office 365© tools you are used to using.

IPM provides users with a familiar interface and can automatically file your email correspondence from Office 365 ©. We know that IPM provides a construction management solution that understands the needs and habits of today’s busy construction/project management team.

  • We Believe that Construction Management Software should be easy to use.
  •  We Believe that Software should be flexible, and customisable by the end user to meet their unique requirements.
  •  We Believe that Construction/Project Managers deserve to be able to work with current technology.
  •  We Believe that Many business processes create other business processes. This in turn means and that all businesses have their own rules and their business software should reflect this.