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IPM ensures that every Submittal sent and every response received is accountable and accessible from within the Submittal record. IPM automatically tracks incomplete Submittals through a user-definable status system.

Once a Submittal has been recorded, it can be viewed and retrieved instantly, along with the associated email communications. Search functions can also be used to search for all related communications. Both individual and system-wide workflows can be created by authorized users to facilitate follow-up processes.

  • Keep track of all submittals related to the project along with tracking number, due dates, list of recipients, action taken and confirmation of completion.
  • View all emails and recorded communications related to each submittal that has been created or received.
  • Email submittals to contacts through Microsoft Outlook from within IPM, providing you with a detailed and digital verified paper trail.

Utilise IPM’s CRM database and Microsoft Outlook integration to create, attach, email and track submittals all from the one screen.

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