Construction Managers

Construction project management software.

Public and private owner’s and owner representatives (Construction Managers) see things differently than a GC. You need software that addresses program management and capital expenditure issues. Built on a powerful and configurable Microsoft platform, IPM is built as a web enabled solution that can be configured to meet government and owner’s requirements for process workflow and reporting.

Outlook integration.
The Microsoft platform IPM was developed on allows IPM to offer technology no other software package can. IPM automatically files your emails using the simple Microsoft Outlook App so more dragging and dropping email into a massive job folder. 

Flexible, proactive dashboards.
IPM’s dashboard capability allows you to create multiple configurations and views. Much more than just a way to show reports, IPM’s dashboards are a management tool for everything from displaying upcoming documents needing your approval as well as charts and graphs giving you key information on project status.

Powerful program management reporting.
As a CM you rely on reports to keep you informed not only on what’s happened in the past but also versatile enough to use the information to look into the future and help identify trends. Look across multiple projects for program reporting and then drill down to get at KPI’s on individual projects. One click export to Excel allows further analysis and sharing with outside parties.

Customize to meet your needs.
Different projects and different clients require different forms, business processes and output. IPM’s ability to allow the user to adapt the software to meet these varying requirements is unique in the industry and a breath of fresh air to other systems that require you to work the way they do.

IPM Dashboard