Civil and Heavy Highway

Heavy Highway and Civil Construction Software for Easy Project Management.

Project management for heavy civil and infrastructure contractors centers on maximizing your resources and tracking your production. IPM Global understands these priorities and as such is used by a wide variety of companies in this segment of the industry.

Easy resource time capture.
IPM’s easy to configure and use timesheet entry makes getting daily time into the system a snap which is critical for staying on top of your labor and equipment production. You can even export the time to your payroll software once it’s approved. From one day to the next, you can copy the resources and the cost codes so there’s no need to setup your entry grid again.

Forecast and report your way.
In IPM you forecast the way you want using estimated units or cost to complete, remaining budget, time & materials or % complete. Each cost code can be use a different method. Use the Forecast Summary report or show a chart or graph on an IPM dashboard to see where you are on the project.

Outlook integration makes life easy.
Let’s face it – email is a pain. Manually filing it in an Outlook job folder keeps it out of your Inbox but what if you need a critical communication? IPM files your email automatically and allows you to easily locate it.

Technology that adds value.
How you capture, process and analyze information is what makes your company unique. It should be one of your competitive advantages. IPM allows you to capture those business processes and then improve upon them by automating the workflow sending out email, alerts, notifications, reminders, etc. letting the software do the work.

Resource Management