Contract Control – Subcontracts


Effective control of subcontracts is crucial to the management of many projects. IPM provides effective subcontract control with facilities to record subcontracts and attach appropriate terms and conditions and other supporting documentation. IPM’s Transmittals allow subcontracts to be easily and efficiently delivered to your business partners and any Subcontract Change Orders can be recorded in IPM to track changes as they occur.


Key Features:

  • Manage or amend Subcontract start and end dates through the interactive IPM Subcontract Progress schedule.
  • Workflows can be created to automate the approval of Subcontracts and Subcontract Change Orders.
  • Attach appropriate terms and conditions along with other supporting documentation to all Subcontracts.

Manage all of your Subcontracts centrally and send through to accounting once they are approved.