Opus Holding, L.L.C. adopts innovative software, IPM Global, to streamline their business.

Design-Build Construction Company Enjoys Benefits from Leading Edge Technology Project Software Solution

Opus Holding, L.L.C. adopts innovative software, IPM Global, to streamline their business.

Portland, OR, January 21, 2015: Constrained by a project management system that had no ability to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment The Opus Group (Opus), an over 325 employee family of commercial real estate companies headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, went looking for a solution that would allow them to configure the software to their way of doing business rather than the other way around. They found exactly what they were looking for in IPM Project Management, a system from IPM Global that is built on a Microsoft® development platform that offers among many other features the ability to easily mold the software around a company’s internal business processes. “IPM was the perfect solution. Its core features provide most of the functionality we needed, yet its flexibility allows us to build workflows or otherwise adapt it to our specific business needs,” said Linda Gonzales, vice president of information technology for Opus Holding, L.L.C.

Construction companies wanting to get away from cumbersome paper and manual processes they have been stuck with for years often just recreate what they had when they move to a computerized system. This usually involves multiple spreadsheets and no standardized processes. Everybody still has their own way of working and there’s no central database for accessing project information. In Opus’ previous system they relied on clunky integration pulling data from multiple applications to try and provide their PMs with critical information to develop their forecasts. “It was a lump-sum integration, maybe 50 transactions at a time,” said Corey Hansen, senior application analyst for Opus Holding, L.L.C. “You couldn’t break it down, which could lead to incorrect forecasting. IPM does the calculations and reports on those calculations. There’s no chance for error.”

Also built into the platform is Dynamics CRM which provides Opus with a holistic view of the project lifecycle. “We track deals and opportunities in CRM until they become signed and then a workflow automatically sets up a job in IPM where the project manager takes it to completion”, said Corey. “We can see what deals were won (and lost) for any client, and how margins, budgets, and schedules did through to project completion.”

IPM Global’s Technical Director, Reef Fielding says, “The platform brings unique functionality that heretofore has never been available in a project management solution.” This includes native integration with Outlook, SharePoint and Office applications. In addition there is a powerful workflow engine and the ability to customize by the client. “Our development time has been significantly reduced because we’re not coding in the traditional sense. We are merely using the tools Microsoft built into the platform,” Mr. Fielding adds.

“IPM software is built by people who understand the construction business. It addresses the common needs across standard construction companies and processes. Because it is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, IPM software also provides the flexibility to handle the specific needs of each company,” Ms. Gonzales adds.

About IPM Global

IPM Global is a leading software developer of modern project management solutions for construction, engineering and project-based organizations. Leveraging the power and flexibility of Microsoft® technologies, IPM provides companies with fully scalable solutions that can be easily customized to their business and integrated with their existing ERP and accounting systems either on-premise or in the cloud. IPM Global has an international partner program which ensures customers can connect with local professionals who have been certified and trained to sell, implement and support all of their IPM products. For more information, visit www.ipmglobal.net and follow @IPMGlobal on Twitter.

About The Opus Group

The Opus Group® is a family of commercial real estate development, construction and design companies headquartered in Minneapolis with offices and projects across the country. Opus operates as an integrated, multidisciplinary team with expertise in development, capital markets and finance; project management and construction; architecture, engineering and interior design. The Opus Group includes Opus Holding, L.L.C. and its operating subsidiaries: Opus Development Company, L.L.C., Opus Design Build, L.L.C. and Opus AE Group, L.L.C. Specializing in office, industrial, retail, institutional, residential and government projects, The Opus Group has broad capabilities, deep experience and a proven design-build model that delivers solutions for customers on time and on budget. For more information, visit www.opus-group.com and follow @TheOpusGroup on Twitter.