We Believe
Project Managers deserve to be able to work with current technology.

We Believe
Software should be easy to use.

We Believe a Project Manager needs to be able to easily and effectively manage many modes of communication.

We Believe Software should be flexible, and customisable by the end user to
meet their unique requirements.

We Believe other products say they are flexible and can be customized but it has to be done by a programmer.

Contract Control - IPM Project Management Software

Contract Control
Manage contracts faster and easier than ever before

Resource Management - IPM Project Management Software

Resource Management
Make the most out of your resources: efficiently and effectively

IPM Add-ons and integration

Additional Enhancements
Tailor your IPM experience with additional solutions

IPM Mobility

IPM Mobility
Smartphones and tablets

Planning & Forecast - IPM Project Management Software

Planning & Forecast
Use IPM to accurately predict and analyse your project data

Document Control - IPM Project Management Software

Document Control
Create, distribute, track and file documents with ease

Document Control - IPM Project Management Software

IPM Core Features
Everything a project manager needs all in the one place

Getting Started is Easy

  • We'd like to meet you and talk to you!
    We can call or arrange an onsite meeting.
  • Review your project management needs
    Everyone's needs are very different.
    We help you sort through the modules you require.
  • Get a demo underway
    A live review of our software at your desktop.
How to get started with IPM Global Project Management Software

IPM Project Management Software was developed to meet the needs and requirements of Project Managers & Construction staff and to operate how they already think!

IPM is a next generation Project Management Software suite that provides a scalable solution with all the functionality needed to meet the requirements of today’s busy project manager.

Presented through Microsoft Outlook and seamlessly integrating mail and calendar services with day to day operations, IPM puts project management squarely where project staff spend most of their time.

IPM News Update:

IPM Global Releases Microsoft© Project Integration for IPM Project Management
10-Sep-2014 | IPM Global, a leader in software technology for construction project management, has released a new addition to its growing suite of project control tools that allows bidirectional integration with Microsoft Project.
Construction Project Management Software
08-Aug-2014 | Is your project management software the sharpest tool in the shed?
2014 Constructech 50 Award
09-Jul-2014 | Project Management Software award in 2014 from Constructech
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06-Nov-2012 | Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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16-May-2012 | Uncovering the secret - Queensland Chamber of Commerce Monthly Newsletter
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21-Jun-2011 | Tracy Brunstrom & Hammond - IPM Project Management Case Study
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"The most important thing I learned was that IPM Global supports integration with Outlook. I didn’t know that you could get any program to do that. It gives us a way to track emails and store them in the project management system. We use Outlook for most communication and emails are now automatically tracked by the IPM software. I don’t have to do anything. It is automatic!" Civil Contractors Federation - Read Case Study