IPM can be customized to meet your specific requirements

The construction and project-related industries have unique ERP requirements that traditionally have not been met by "out of the box" ERP solutions. IPM brings together the best of both worlds, harnessing the sophisticated Microsoft Dynamics® environment and bringing leading edge technology to project and construction focused industries. Unlike other programs that are stuck in the 90's IPM allows screens, reports, workflows along with most of the application to be customized to suit your individual business needs.

IPM Mobility and Information Access

IPM is also available on mobile devices as an app, giving users access to all the necessary IPM functions when they are out in the field or on site. We understand that people need access to data in an increasing number of places and situations. For example, a project manager might need access to an application on a mobile phone, over the internet, or on a laptop while flying in an airplane. That's why IPM allows users to access their data anytime, anywhere, and on the device they choose. Strong offline capabilities have also been built in to IPM allowing access to remote and difficult work-sites.

Powered by a Microsoft Dynamics® environment

IPM is powered by a Microsoft Dynamics® environment. This ensures the application can access accounting data, CRM contact and company information to support and enhance project management features. IPM provides full CRM functionality, using contact information to support the document and contract control process. Instead of relying on disparate systems, IPM lets you operate within a single program framework, promoting ease of access and efficiency, as well as reducing errors from double-entry.

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM adds the tools you need to track activity with subcontractors, business partners and prospects, and helps to provide a 360-degree view of all interactions within a single solution. IPM Global understands that Project Managers work and communicate in Microsoft Outlook®. Make this your native environment and do away with those 'filing' folders on your server.

How to get started with IPM Global Project Management Software

Get started with IPM Project Management software

Benefits of Microsoft  Outlook interface

  • High Adoption Rate by users because it is seen as an extension of outlook
  • Lower training costs due to the familiarity with the environment
  • Improved access to contact data due to the centralisation of all contacts in a central database instead of individual contacts lists in Outlook.
  • Improved documentation flows due to the integration between the documents themselves and the email environment

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics® environment

  • Improved communications history around the project documents due to the automatic filing process
  • Lower cost of ownership resulting from simple processes to customise screens without external consultants
  • Lower cost of ownership resulting from simple processes to workflows without external consultants.
  • Lower cost of ownership resulting from simple report designer tools reducing the need for external consultants.
  • Better access to data due to Microsoft Dynamics range of deployment options including a detached option for disconnected sites.

IPM  Structural benefits

  • Improved access to information due to the simple navigation methodology
  • Reduced training costs due to the design of the application from a project management perspective instead of an accounting perspective.
  • Lower cost of implementation due to IPM's ability to work stand alone without changing the underlying accounting system.
  • Lower cost of implementation due to IPM's minimal setup requirements.