IPM Case Studies

IPM has many satisfied customers and the number is quickly growing around the world. After talking to our happy IPM users we decided we should start sharing their stories with everybody online (with their permission of course). We have started the process to record success stories that when read will demonstrate how IPM is achieving successful real world results.

Please download what is currently available and make sure to recheck once a month to see what has been added.

Case Study: Full Tilt Constructions Pty Ltd

Based in Windsor in Northwestern Sydney, Full Tilt Constructions specializes in industrial construction, commercial construction, and tilt panels, and has extensive experience in tilt panel construction, portal steel framed construction, and multi-level developments with basement parking. Having remained at the forefront of innovation for over twelve years, Full Tilt Constructions takes pride in delivering products of the highest quality, efficiently and on budget.

Case Study: The Opus Group

The Opus Group® is a family of commercial real estate development, construction and design companies headquartered in Minneapolis, with offices and projects across the country. Its 325 employees operate as an integrated, multidisciplinary team with expertise in development, capital markets and finance; project management and construction; architecture, engineering and interior design; sales and leasing. The company’s integrated design-build model has proven results in providing both time and budget efficiencies.

Case Study: Sunstate Group QLD

Sunstate Group Queensland (SGQ) is an experienced civil construction and road surfacing firm serving government and public sector organizations in Australia. The company currently manages five locations, 240 employees and an expansive portfolio of state-of-the-art vehicle and equipment assets. The company prides itself on its knowledgeable people, efficient service and meticulous approach to every project.

Case Study : IPM and Microsoft Office

Australian Partner Enters New Markets with Office 2010 Project Management Solution

IPM, a software development company based in Australia, focuses on solutions for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries. Struggling against antiquated industry standards and searching for a forward-thinking and relevant solution for its end users, IPM found the perfect partner and answer to its market’s needs in Microsoft Office technologies. The IPM Global Project Management Software suite, which deploys in Outlook and helps users save time and create efficiencies, is poised to grow the company’s bottom line as it enters new markets.

IPM Global Project Management Software fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE and SAP!  

'IPM’s flexibility allowed Opus to develop a tool that collects valuable project data and easily archives that information to be used when pursuing other new leads.' ~ Corey Hanson, The Opus Group