Archive February 22, 2011

If you don’t attack the risks, the risks will attack you – project management tools to help attack risks head on

We all know projects carry some degree of risk, but the important thing is to try to manage and mitigate the risk so that it doesn’t evolve into an issue on your project. Too many times, companies have either not conducted a risk assessment, or have ignored risk assessments and not properly addressed and dealt with the risk, and the risk has come back to bite them tenfold.

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The Workflow series – Making Purchase Order Approvals Simpler

This is the third post in the Workflow series, showing you easy ways you can use workflows to enhance and automate IPM to suit your own business processes.

This week, I’m going to show you a workflow we came up with that can make the process of approving purchase orders simpler. In your organisation, you may have employees who are only authorised to approve purchase orders up to a certain amount, but anything over that must be approved by an employee with a higher approval limit, such as the project manager.

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Failing to plan is planning to fail – tools to help plan for project success

No doubt one of the great mantras used by project managers the world over is that failing to plan is planning to fail. I recently stumbled across a blog I haven’t seen before from the Project Management Institute and it’s got some really great posts by project management professionals from all over. My favourite post is quite a recent one from Jim De Piante about how project planning is the key to a successful project management career, and it got me thinking about planning and the tools we can use to ensure our plan’s success.

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