Why Integration Services are Indispensable in a Saturated Digital Marketplace

Even before the pandemic, the construction sector was embarking on a digital transformation journey to improve operational efficiency, increase collaboration, and allow the industry to take on large workloads with smaller workforces. The pandemic only accelerated this trend, particularly in the areas of digital collaboration, BIM, and design. However, more than half of all software and hardware companies choose to specialize in specific niches to differentiate themselves in a saturated marketplace, and construction companies can find it hard to develop a technology stack that works well for them.

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Construction Industry fails to use technology? SAY WHAT?

Recent Studies

There have been recent studies comparing technology use in construction vs other industries with the conclusions that the construction industry is just not adopting technology that is currently available.

Whaaattttt?…No, I got lots of construction apps, that can’t be right!

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Ramblings of a construction nerd… Woodpecker holes in our ship.

We all have woodpecker’s who mean well but can work against us at any time… leaving holes everywhere and creating risk. The little devils can show up in our thinking, in our relationships, in our business and especially in the world of construction project information management (or lack of information management)

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What is the First Application You Open to Start Your Work Day?

Ok, Facebook doesn’t count here. Most people when asked will tell you that the first application they open is email. Besides being our vehicle for keeping in touch, updated and informed on a personal level, email in the workplace is also a powerful tool. When we surveyed over 150 people via our Linkedin page, particularly project managers, an overwhelming majority (93 percent!) told us that the first place they log in is their email, even if it’s just to quickly check what’s new.

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With Project Management Software, Flexibility is a Must

Searching for a project management solution? Consider these basic features:


Why is flexibility in your project management software so important? Think about all the projects you have managed and remember how many were one hundred percent scheduled and budgeted right from the start. Not many, right? Things happen, scenarios change; it doesn’t take much to alter a prospective budget or schedule, especially on a large scale project. You need to be flexible and your project management solution needs to be flexible enough to keep up with the changes.

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Project Management: How to Choose a Solution

Project management tools can be a real boon for project managers, but only if they are the right tools for the project. Some tools lack critical features necessary for collaboration while others are built precisely for long-term integrative projects involving various teams.

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Clean up Your Messy Desk with an IPM Global Project Management Solution

Do you still believe the old saw that a messy desk is a sign of productivity? Maybe it’s time to rethink that outdated concept and clean up that workspace once and for all. In times past, a cluttered workspace may have been unavoidable. Architects and engineers alone with their slide rules, drafting tools and mountains of paper could easily host a messy desk convention. Think of all the tools of many trades that have been replaced by smartphones, tablets and laptop or desktop computers. Computer aided drawings, computation software and well-defined file systems have streamlined many processes, but not everyone has kept up with this trend.

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Project Management to Mitigate Construction Legislation Risk

The Construction industry is by nature rife with risk; there is always danger of some sort of mistake, equipment liability or catastrophic injury. This is true on construction projects large and small. An added risk exists if local governments make changes to their legislation and the changes are not picked up on right away by a construction company.

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