Archive May 26, 2011

Project management is evolving, so can IT keep up?

Last week I came across a really interesting blog entry from Adeline Teoh, the editor of Looking back at project management as a profession over the last 30 years, the article talks about how there has been a paradigm shift in project management, whereby the profession is no longer confined to just construction and defence anymore. As companies are realising the importance of structured organisation and management of people and processes, the field of project management has stretched its influence to other disciplines such as IT, health and community development.

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Connecting the dots – why does connectivity matter to project managers?

Since March, I’ve been keeping this blog updated from my new home for the next few months in Northern China. The internet and my laptop have been a godsend here, with the ability to remotely connect to my email and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in our offices in Australia, and also by using Skype to connect with family, friends and colleagues. But last week I had a very unfortunate mishap that involved a bowl of soup and my laptop keyboard. Fortunately, I was able to get the keyboard fixed relatively cheaply here, but it did mean I was without a laptop, and hence very little communication with Australia, for just over a week.

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What Microsoft’s strong quarterly sales mean for project management

First off, I have to admit that I actually came across the idea for this blog whilst I was catching up on the hype surrounding the royal wedding. I know you either love it or you hate it, but I admit that I tuned into BBC World News on Friday afternoon along with 3 billion or so others. But as I was watching, something else caught my eye. Scrolling across the bottom of the screen were the other news stories of the day, and at once the word Microsoft jumped out.

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