When most people think of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the words sales and marketing come to mind. It’s true that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used in many sales and marketing departments to keep track of sales leads, marketing campaigns and accounts and contacts. But it can also be so much more than that. What I’m talking about is the fact that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a platform; it serves as a base to build things on top of, much like the foundations of a house.

In some ways, each company or organisation is a bit like a house. You have the foundations of the company, then there are a number of different departments built on top, all serving different purposes. With CRM designed the way it is, it’s no wonder it is a software solution that fits quite well into this organisational structure. CRM lays the foundation software that your business needs, then depending on the other departments you have, you can build on top of it whatever you like. This way of fitting software to your needs is substantially cheaper than getting a customised solution for your whole organisation. You can purchase CRM add on products at a fraction of the cost, and only purchase the products you need.

There is an abundance of add on products out there in the market, from products like ours that can help you manage projects, through to email marketing, sales, website tracking, manufacturing and distribution tools. What’s more, the flexibility of both CRM and these add on products means you can still slightly tweak different products to make sure they fit your organisation perfectly.

By having the one foundation running right across your business, you also have so much more consistency and easier access to information as it can quickly be shared across different departments. There is also less training time as your staff are familiar with the whole system if they happen to move departments.

We feel that by teaming ourselves with such a solid and flexible platform as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have such an advantage over other project management systems, as ours is one that can be built on, added to and tweaked to fit all the departments in your organisation. How many other project management tools can do that?

If you’d like more information on our project management tool for CRM or the different add ons available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM please contact us