Are you the sort of person who gets into a routine and sticks with it? Don’t worry, most of us are. We all have that same coffee place we stop at on the way to work, or the same seat on the train every morning.

However, when it comes to using new software, this probably isn’t the right approach. Organisations often spent large amounts of money finding and implementing software programs to help them work better and smarter. But due to ingrained human nature of liking routine and what’s comfortable, they often encounter two main problems with users interacting with the software. Either users try to apply their old processes to the new software, or they learn one way to use new software then stick with it.

We’re all guilty of it (I didn’t discover control + v to paste something for about six years). But unfortunately, you will never get the best out of your software without trying new options, discovering better ways of doing things or implementing new workflows all the time to help streamline your work.

In project management software especially, this has been more of a problem than other industries due to the nature of the software itself. Whilst industry-specific software available to other industries has come along in leaps and bounds, many project management software solutions available today are still being built on very old technology. Although they may look and feel stylish and fresh, the ‘back end’ is stagnant and often has very stringent uses and applications that force users into a set routine.

This is why the very nature of IPM being built on the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM framework is so important. IPM is based on Microsoft’s latest technologies, which are continually evolving and progressing as Microsoft evolves its platforms. Because of this, IPM will never stagnate and will always provide new ways for users to interact with the software and improve their processes.

Although it is ultimately up to the end user to continually improve their interactions with the software they use, having software that facilitates this no doubt makes the process easier. So when you are looking at project management software, make sure you check whether it has the ability to change and evolve with your organisation and help your users discover better ways of doing things. Because as Winston Churchill once said, “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”.