In June this year I blogged about how Microsoft CRM and Yammer can contribute to project management.

When Microsoft acquired the business social networking tool about six months ago, we were very excited by what this could mean for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and, by extension, IPM. Initially a plug in was released to enable Yammer and CRM to work together, meaning organisations using CRM could set up their own employee-only in house social network tool with all of the functionality of Yammer.

This was particularly exciting for us at IPM because it meant that CRM now had a well oiled collaboration tool for people on the project team to use in order to effectively manage project communication in a familiar, yet secure way.

Now, the tool has progressed even further, with Microsoft announcing earlier this week that there is now native integration between CRM and Yammer. This may not seem that important, given the plugin was enabling CRM users to get access to Yammer before. How, now there is added, more seamless functionality for the two applications. Now CRM users can embed Yammer feeds and communication into specific CRM records. Pages will also be created in Yammer when action is taken on a record, meaning employees can discuss and collaborate on that record in real time. In the project management offices of today, this sort of collaboration is vital.

If you would like to know more about how Yammer works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and IPM, please feel free to contact us for a demo.