We are very pleased to unveil our new look IPM tutorial video page, which we hope gives you an easy to use one stop shop for all the IPM tutorial videos we have created. The videos have been designed to show you how each individual section of IPM works step by step, and we hope they will be useful to help you get the most out of your IPM product. And you never know, you may discover functionality you didn’t know existed!

We are in the process of recording voiceovers for each of the videos, but for now the explanations for each step are shown in a text box at the corner of each video.

We will continue to update the videos when new functionality is developed, so keep checking back for the most current info. If you need further explanation of any of the current videos, or would like to request a video to be made on a particular subject, please don’t hesitate to email info@ipmglobal.net, or post a comment here.

Happy viewing!