Here at IPM, we love sharing our success stories with you, so today I want to show you a real life example of how the flexibility of IPM has helped the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) manage its valuable community projects.

ANTHC was created in December 1997 to manage state wide health services for Alaska Native people and manages a number of community construction projects right through from pre construction to construction and post construction. However after purchasing a well known software package last year, they discovered that it didn’t manage procurement very well and were forced to look at purchasing an additional package to get the full functionality they required.

Eventually one of the consultants hired to configure the new package introduced ATNHC to IPM, our Microsoft Dynamics CRM based project management solution. It suited their needs perfectly because IPM could manage all phases of the construction process, eliminating the need for an additional software package for procurement. Individual forms and workflows could be customised easily by their own staff and other entities in IPM were also able to be created easily to fit ANTHC own unique processes.

We introduced a new materials handling component to the existing IPM framework, which is now available to all our other future and existing clients. The materials handling component was developed to help ANTHC track material deliveries to their isolated sites in Alaska to ensure the smooth running of their projects. We were also able to create integration with Oracle Primavera P6 to help ANTHC manage project schedules. This integration, along with accounting/ERP integration, was one of the factors that sealed the deal for ANTHC.

All of these extra features highlight just how easily ANTHC were able to build up their own customised solution to fit their specific and unique needs with IPM. We can do all this with our project management software because it’s built on the Microsoft CRM framework, which is really flexible when it comes to expanding, tweaking and manoeuvring software to fit individual organisation’s needs. What’s more, it was done for a fraction of the cost ANTHC would have spent on having a separate package to manage each of the phases in their projects.

If you have any unique project management needs and would like to see how IPM can help without the huge cost of customisation, feel free to contact us.