How many projects have you managed with PM software where the schedule or the budget were completely accurate from the start? When you talk to any experienced project manager they will tell you that no project schedule, budget, or flow is set in stone. Flexibility is a natural part of today’s project management world with tight budgets and even tighter time-lines.

How many projects are you managing right now? If you are like most project managers, managing multiple projects are the norm. Some are big and some are small. Flexibility is a necessity where projects vary greatly in size. Do you use the same PM software for all your projects? Some project managers use spreadsheets for small projects, saving the complex PM software for the big ones. But, having all of your projects in a central platform gives your projects consistency and visibility.

Modern project management requires flexibility in the software you use. When looking at PM software you need one that handle projects of all sorts and all sizes without any problems. Here are four other characteristics you need in PM software to give you the necessary flexibility:

  • Project Manager Focused – Is your PM software friendly for the project manager? PM software should always have the project manager in mind. Instead of using an accounting system as the back-end and adding project management features to it, the software’s design needs to focus on what a project manager does and needs to know. It needs an easy to use interface that gives the project manager critical information at a glance.
  • Customization – Can you customize your PM software out of the box? Ideally, you can customize your PM software to your business needs, as soon as you set it up. Even better, you should have the ability to access it through other software packages like Microsoft Outlook. The project manager or administrator needs the ability create custom menus, screens, and work flows to meet your company’s particular needs and desires.
  • Ease of Access – Does your project team have access to the project from multiple places, inside and outside the office? Your project teams should have no excuses for not completing project work. A common complaint may be they have no remote access to the project documentation. You need PM software that allows access from anywhere on any device. In today’s mobile world, your project teams need to see the project from smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops located around the world.
  • Multiple Industry Flexibility – Just how flexible is your project management software? Even if you only work in a single industry as a project manager, you need software that is flexible enough to work across many industries. This will offer the most versatile architecture and allow you to manage your many projects the right way.

These features give project managers the versatility and flexibility they need to manage projects in today’s world of tight deadlines and budgets.

We believe our PM software has this flexibility built into its core. If you want to know more please feel free to contact us.