I’m very pleased to let you know we have recently developed a brand new addition to the IPM Suite called the IPM Mail Manager. As an additional product, the mail manager can extend the capabilities of IPM’s current RFI and RFQ functions, so it works well for both project managers and estimators.

So how does this neat little tool work? Basically, you link an email account to IPM (either your own email or a generic team email address multiple people can use) and when you create a new RFI or RFQ, indicate you want to use the mail manager. The mail manager will add a specially formatted area to your outgoing email, where the person receiving the RFI or RFQ can add their response and email it back to you. The mail manager then takes the information from the return email and automatically updates the appropriate area of IPM.

This means that when you receive an answer to an RFI or a quote from a vendor, that information is automatically updated in IPM for all the appropriate team members to see. Not only does this save time re entering data from emails, it also means the information is available to everyone, even if the team member who receives the email is absent from work, or briefly out of the office.

We are currently running the Beta version of the mail manager, so if you’re a current IPM customer and would like to be involved with putting it through its paces, please contact us or leave a comment below. Feel free to contact us too if you’d like more information on the whole IPM suite.