You will no doubt see numerous references throughout our website to IPM being a project management platform. But what exactly does that mean?

Along with the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics, IPM provides a technical platform that can be continually built upon and changed, instead of being a fixed software product. Together, the two solutions are fluid bases, that enable people to customise and build in any extra add ons needed to meet the unique needs of each organisation. There are a number of external add ons available, and this framework also means that, in house, IPM is able to add new features and applications seamlessly. Throughout the development of IPM we have added a Mail Manager and Document Store function, as well as cloud and mobile versions. As this is a platform, anything that gets built on top of it is fully and seamlessly integrated, allowing for ease of use, efficiency and reduced errors from double entry.

For organisations in the project related industries, it means that they no longer have to settle for fixed solutions that incorporate some of their needs, but not all of them. With a platform that can easily be built upon and hundreds of suitable add ons, companies are able to build a single solution that fits all of their needs. This also opens the doors for exciting new opportunities to add features and applications as more and more companies come to us with unique requirements for their project management solution. With IPM, we have options for extensibility in areas such as OHS procedures and governance and the included checklists function can be adapted to suit a variety of project needs. This means that companies do not have to buy separate programs to manage these areas, as we have seen in the past.

What’s more, IPM is also available out of the box for those companies with straightforward project management needs. They don’t miss though, as the out of the box product also incorporates the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with customisable workflows, dashboards and field labels to tweak software to suit any organisations processes.

If you would like to know more about the IPM project management platform, please feel free to contact us for a demo.