A couple of weeks ago we conducted a survey of over 150 people on our LinkedIn page to find out the first application people, and in particular project managers, opened at the start of their working day.

With a number of options, including company portals, spreadsheets and external portals (and no, we didn’t include Facebook!), an amazing 93% said the first thing they logged into was their email. Many even said they logged into email to check a few things then went straight off to meetings.

This trend towards email as one of the most important tools in our working lives is exactly why we developed IPM the way we did. We know that so many people spend predominately all of their working day logged into their email, and as the poll shows, it’s the first thing they log into in the morning. For this reason, IPM is a project management tool housed within Microsoft Outlook, so when you log into your email, you are automatically logging into your project management software as well. It sits nicely at the side of your Outlook application, with all your jobs, RFIs, RFQs, contracts and other project information in folders as if they are other components of your email application.

This means that as you log into your email first thing in the morning, you will also see any project updates and new documents that have been added or changes to existing ones, without having to open a new application. And as so many of us do log into email first, there is a higher user adoption of the project management software as it fits seamlessly into the way we currently work.

If you’d like more information on how IPM fits within Microsoft Outlook, please feel free to contact us.