Archive December 22, 2010

Why Excel may be costing you time and money

For years, Excel has been a staple project management tool. But have you ever stopped to consider whether in some instances using Excel may actually be more of a hindrance than a help in managing your projects? I’m not saying there is no place for Excel in project management, but the heavy reliance of organisations on Excel as one of the main project management tools can often involve more work than is needed.

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9 reasons why IPM can help you manage your projects better

An investment in project management software can be a very big decision and one that is usually well researched and not to be taken lightly. Apart from the obvious consideration of the price, many other factors have to be taken into account to ensure you end up with the right software for the job. So to make the decision easier, I’m posting the following list of 9 reasons why IPM is the project management software for you.

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Change routine and improve your interactions with your project management software

Are you the sort of person who gets into a routine and sticks with it? Don’t worry, most of us are. We all have that same coffee place we stop at on the way to work, or the same seat on the train every morning.

However, when it comes to using new software, this probably isn’t the right approach. Organisations often spent large amounts of money finding and implementing software programs to help them work better and smarter. But due to ingrained human nature of liking routine and what’s comfortable, they often encounter two main problems with users interacting with the software. Either users try to apply their old processes to the new software, or they learn one way to use new software then stick with it.

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