IPM Global and COSA Endorsement


IPM Global are proud to be associated with The Construction Open Software Alliance (COSA) community’s endorsement of “IPM Project Management Software”.

About COSA

“The Construction Open Software Alliance is a community of software developers and providers who support an open standard in construction software applications, in order to provide the most useful, integrated solutions to the end-user.

We believe in facilitating an uninhibited flow of information between the complementary software applications construction professionals depend on most. We believe that a one-stop-suite is not always the best choice and that it can be much more efficient for the end user to operate multiple applications when they integrate seamlessly. This can be achieved by an open application standard built and accepted by industry application developers which streamlines the transfer of cross-application data”.

Source: constructionosa.org

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IPM Global Project Management Software fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE and SAP!  

"The most important thing I learned was that IPM Global supports integration with Outlook. I didn’t know that you could get any program to do that. It gives us a way to track emails and store them in the project management system. We use Outlook for most communication and emails are now automatically tracked by the IPM software. I don’t have to do anything. It is automatic!" Civil Contractors Federation - Read Case Study