Archive July 29, 2011

How technology can help multi-generational project teams

With advancements in medical technology and healthier lifestyles, Australians are living longer. And for some Australians, this also means they are working longer; some well after the retirement age of 65 in order to ensure they can live out their retirement comfortably without the fear of running out of money.

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7 things to look for when choosing project management software

Project management software is a considerable investment and one that takes much research, evaluation and comparisons of different offerings to get right. So to help you choose the best software for your organisational needs, here are seven things to look for when making the all important decision of which project management software to go with:

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What project managers can gain from Microsoft’s Skype acquisition

There has been lots of talk in the blogosphere lately about Microsoft’s recent $8.5b acquisition of the VoIP service Skype, with many people speculating over what use the software giant will put its new technology to. With gamers gunning for enhancements to the Xbox experience, Windows Phone 7 users hoping for better calling experiences and business users hoping for a corporate application, there is no end to the possibilities for this popular technology used by millions around the world.

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