I’ve often mentioned on this blog how IPM is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, and I’ve given many examples of just why Microsoft CRM is such a solid and reliable platform to build our project management software on. From features like customisable workflows and forms to a central project database, CRM provides many solutions that can not only be used in sales and marketing, but also in project management.

But now there is another reason for us to be content in knowing we’ve picked the best platform for our project management software. Last month, Microsoft executives revealed just how strong the Microsoft Dynamics suite, and in particular CRM, really is. At an event focussing on Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS), Kirill Tatarinov, president of MBS, revealed that the Microsoft Dynamics suite is now worth over a billion dollars. Tatarinov also said that Microsoft Dynamics CRM in particular was “one of the fastest growing products in Microsoft’s history,” with “31 quarters of double-digit growth.”

This kind of popularity can only mean that the proof is in the pudding. We’ve known for years now that the familiar interface, customisability and integration with other products that Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers was just the thing the project management industry needed. And it seems many others are following suit with a larger range of CRM add ons than ever before, and ever increasing popularity of the Dynamics suite.

We’ve built IPM, our project management software, on top of the CRM platform, which means IPM users have access to all the features of CRM to help manage their projects, along with other project specific entities in IPM such as contract and document control. And if the numbers are anything to go by, IPM well and truly has one of the most solid foundations going around.