When it comes to project management software for the AEC industries, we know there are a number different industries all with slightly different requirements of the software they use. Different industries need to concentrate on different aspects of the project management process, and that’s why it’s important that the software project managers use can accommodate the requirements of their particular industry. So here are 6 different industries that IPM is suited for and why:

1.General Construction

For general contractors, managing budgets, change orders and subcontracts is paramount, as is the ability to report costs against budget and committed costs. That’s why IPM has a comprehensive budget grid and reporting capabilities. We also know it’s important to track materials and labour to deliver projects on time and on budget. Our materials handling facility provides a comprehensive tracking log of all material shipments as they are delivered to site and distributed.


We know that for developers, costing jobs against development budgets, along with the ability to manage subcontracts and variations is important. IPM can integrate with a number of accounting systems to manage real time costs and budgets, as well as integrating with a CRM system to help manage the sales process.

3.Civil Construction

For civil contractors, one of the most important things is being able to manage purchase orders, variations and timesheets. IPM’s central database gives users access to real time project information and the ability to send and receive POs and variations and fill out timesheets without leaving Outlook. IPM also gives civil contractors the ability to use unit rate scheduling and effectively manage all project resources to deliver projects on time and on budget.

4.Public Utilities

We know that for public utilities, tracking and recording RFIs, meetings and drawings is important, as is managing variations, subcontracts and purchase orders. This is why IPM’s central database can store and track all project documentation quickly and efficiently, and the Microsoft CRM based frameworkhelps eliminate duplication and automate processes.


For engineers and HVAC contractors, managing variations, forecasts, purchase orders and timesheets is paramount, as is the ability to record meetings, drawings, site diaries and job progress to manage high volumes of smaller jobs effectively. Again, IPM’s central database gives users access to all of this real time project information without leaving Outlook.

6.Professional Services

We know that for project managers, the ability to record and track all the documentation generated by a project. IPM has one of the most sophisticated and flexible reporting facilities in order to make the process of managing projects and documentation easier. As for architects, a detailed drawing register to keep track of different versions and changes is also a must have.

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