Way back when I first started writing for this blog, I wrote my very first post on how end user buy in is the key to the success of many software implementations. Whilst that post focussed more on the usability of IPM because it can be used within Outlook, I wanted to use this post to illustrate some other user friendly features.

As end users are the ones who have to live with the software day in, day out, it’s important that it is easy to use and the layout makes sense. That’s what we’ve really tried to focus on, especially given most of the software available to project managers before now has been extensions of accounting systems that are easy for accountants to use, sure. But for project managers?

In order to write this post, I approached one of my fellow IPM team members who demonstrates the use of the software to project managers and employees of companies in the AEC industries every day. What I really needed to know was – what immediately jumps out to people when they see the software; what makes them go ‘wow’. And he told me about what I have nicknamed The Click Factor.

The Click Factor means that everything in IPM only takes you a few clicks. You can create contract items, RFIs, RFQs and a whole host of other project documents, not only without leaving your email, but also with only a few clicks. This gives you more time to spend managing your project rather than battling your way through a software program and tediously entering data.

IPM also has very generic screens, so once you’re familiar with one area of the program, you’re pretty much familiar with how the whole thing works. This consistency also contributes to IPM’s user friendliness and aids The Click Factor, as everything is in the same place on each form so you don’t have to click around to find it. You can check out the look and feel of IPM and see how each page is similar by viewing some of our video tutorials, or contacting us for a free demo.

How about you, have you seen IPM and liked a particular feature in particular? Please leave your comments below and I may even feature a blog post on it!