IPM joins the YouTube generation

We are very pleased to announce that the revamp of our project management tutorial videos page is now complete! We have updated our tutorial videos to reflect the new features we’ve added recently and to show you how IPM is working with the CRM 2011 interface.

By the numbers – why Microsoft CRM is the best platform for project management software

I’ve often mentioned on this blog how IPM is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, and I’ve given many examples of just why Microsoft CRM is such a solid and reliable platform to build our project management software on. From features like customisable workflows and forms to a central project database, CRM provides many solutions that can

7 reasons why project managers need a CRM tool

Many construction companies can often be mistaken in thinking they don’t need a CRM system to help manage their projects – after all they are in the business of managing projects, not customers. However with developments in CRM technology in recent years, CRM tools are no longer just about contact lists and sales leads. That’s